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Our hero Adrian BLAKE, an explorer and world famous cartographer, returns from his latest expedition to discover that his wife, Sophia, has disappeared.

Wrought with grief Adrian immerses himself in his manuscripts and reveals an ancient curse from the goddess Ishtar. To save Sophia, Adrian must save the personification of his wife three times in three different areas.

The first of his adventures takes him to Pompei, on August 20th in the year A. D. The city at the foot of Vesuvius has only four days left to live.

Adrian must persuade Sophia to leave with him, far from the impending danger. To find her in a completely unknown city and win her over once again, he must become a true citizen of Pompei.

Though he is not alone. From the shadows Adrian is being spied upon by the wicked slave of Octavius Quartio, the owner of Sophia's house. Main features.

At last a great and beautiful love story in a game. Action, humor, and suspense as well. A thrilling countdown: the scenario is divided into the four days preceding the eruption.

An exceptionally long playing time and a game which is completely non linear. You can move around freely inside the city. The reconstruction was carried out with the participation of the Superintendence of the archeological site and the best international experts.

A high-performance technology for even more attractive graphics 360‚° rotations in the 3D image using the CIN View technology. Configuration:Processor: Pentium 200 MMX.

Memory: 32 Mo. Video: 16 bits coulors. Audio: Carte son Compatible Sound Blaster. Compatibility: 95/98. Hard Drive Disk Space: 2 Mo. DirectX: 6.


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